Joe Bunker, Principle Architect

Journey to the Cloud

Starting in 1996 working with my good friend Thomas Neeleman we enabled remote connectivity between numerous offices, providing centralized and hosted application services – although “cloud” hadn’t yet been coined, these were cloud services for remote workers.

Then in 2012 we migrated these systems to AWS where remote workers have been accessing ever since, whether from their offices, homes, court houses, coffee shops or client locations.

During the spring of 2020 and beyond with quarantine and stay-at-home orders his staff and affiliate law firms using our hosted services have been unaffected in their ability to connect to these critical systems.

Introduction to Amazon Web Services

In December of 2008 I went to work for an online video start-up where we were averaging less than 100 player loads per day. During my interview with the founder and CEO he confidently told me the company would be one of the 1000 busiest websites within one year.

He tasked me with migrating our on-premisis servers from Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA, and building a system which could scale to the load he expected. Oh, and we had virtually $0 budget so we started looking for a viable alternative.

We started to explore Amazon Web Services. Still in its infancy offering only a few key services, and very primitive tools I was leary, but we were desperate for a cost effective solution. We already had our company website running on an EC2 instance (virtual server), but needed to run a scalable and high volume web service.

In the spring of 2009 with the release of Elastic Load Balancing, CloudWatch and AutoScaling we built our first ELB, put some servers behind it and started to serve traffic. Over the next few weeks we migrated our systems from on-prem to AWS.

Over the next 2 1/2 years we grew to serve 65 million+ player loads per day. Without the scaling capabilities of S3, EC2, ELB and other services from AWS I don’t know what we would have done.

This blog post gives a bit more insight into the scale and growth of that operation.

AWS Certifications

Besides the experiences listes above – along with many more – Mr. Bunker has the following current AWS certifications.

Cloud Migration and Consultion

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